Summary of the HostGator Hatchling Hosting Plan

hostgator-hatchling-planHostGator is known for its affordable, easy and cool web hosting plans in the cyberspace marketing world. They offer an array of diversified, attractive and impressive hosting plans to its clients and has a long and impressive list of clientele.

In this article, we will discuss one such web hosting plan from HostGator. It’s known as the Hatchling hosting plan.

What is the Hatchling web hosting plan all about?

The Hatchling web hosting plan is a proprietary plan of the web hosting organization HostGator which is usually meant for newbies in the world of web hosting because it is comparatively easy to understand and quite reasonably priced.

Features of the Hatchling web hosting plan

  • It is a basic web hosting plan.
  • Designed for the use of beginners who are just looking for an easy and cheap option to launch and host their own website.
  • Provides the customer with unlimited bandwidth and disk space.
  • No binding contracts.
  • Offers a 45-day trial with money back guarantee.
  • Allows use of a single domain.
  • Subscription plans ranging from 1 month to 3 years at a time with rates starting as low as $3.00 per month.
  • Offers full up-time guarantee with single sub domain and provisions for unlimited e-mail and FTP accounts.

Other significant features

The HostGator Hatchling web hosting plan also offers to its clients up to date, standardized and varied web hosting features which include- secured control panel, email, application, programming, database and green web hosting features. We shall discuss them all in brief.

Secured control panel web hosting: In its basic form, the Hatchling web hosting plan offers advanced control panel features which enable the client to host their domain in a secured and advanced way. The control panel features include:

  • C-panel control panel options (The most up dated of its type).
  • Hosting access to the most secured online shopping carts, portals, blogs and forums.
  • Access to online directories with an advanced password protection option.
  • Detailed website statistics
  • IP address and other hot links protection services and features.

-E-mail web hosting features:

  • Advanced spam protection.
  • Unlimited email features like auto responders, mailing list, etc.
  • Webmail access facilities along with SMTP/POP3 email accounts.

Applications, programming and database features:

The plan supports the following programming and database features:

  • MYSQL database and admin access
  • Supports PHP, Python, SSL, PHP5, CGI programming formats.
  • Equipped with various up dated and secure system management tools and programming modules.
  • Allows wiki hosting with an access to media wiki.
  • Provides e-commerce platform for your own domain for free.
  • Offers WordPress, Joomla and Magento apps hosting (among many others).

Green web hosting: This is another benefit of the Hatchling web hosting plan from HostGator. It includes:

– The use of environmentally-friendly facilities. For example, the Hatchling plan utilizes wind energy for operating its web servers.

– HostGator is a regular client of renewable energy credits and it also employs those energy saving measures and apps to operate and execute its various web hosting plans including the Hatchling plan.

Keep in mind that the Hatchling web hosting plan is the entry level web hosting plan from HostGator, mainly designed and devised for new domains and websites. This web hosting plan is backed by an excellent and dedicated customer support team who work 24/7 to resolve any queries or difficulties at the client/customer’s end. The customer support team can be reached for any sort of troubleshooting through phone, email or live chat and they guarantee a resolution of any problems in a timely manner (usually just a few hours).

Though the Hatchling plan has its share of disadvantages for the advanced users because it is an introductory plan, the features and price are a great deal for someone looking for entry-level hosting for their website.